This Winnipeg Shuttle Van and Limousine Service is a locally owned and legally operating, fully insured public passenger transportation service based in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.
  We will provide you and your guests with friendly, professionally trained, polite Chauffeurs equipped with safe, clean, comfortable, and reliable vehicles to transport you to or from your destinations.
We will certainly try our very hardest to give you the service,   courtesy, and respect that you would expect for the money that you spend, from being on-time as best as possible, to carrying your airport luggage right to your door for you and waiting until you are safely inside and your home is secured.
Our patience and extra help for Seniors is always a big priority with our friendly staff of experienced Drivers.
We don't just hire anyone with a license to drive, we thoroughly train and
expect our Drivers to serve you like they themselves would expect to be served.

Whether you are a "Celebrity VIP" or just require a full degree of privacy, you can be assured that our Staff will strictly respect your wishes to all extents, with intentions to protect your privacy at all times, whoever you are and wherever you travel.
"You can just relax and leave the driving to us!"
Example events and Destinations

in Winnipeg, Manitoba and it's great for Weddings (up to 14 people)
or going to the Airport, for up to 12 people with luggage!"

Did you know, that the Bride in her White dress, will always look more outstanding beside a "Sharp Metalic Black Limo" for the Wedding pictures, and not washed out, as beside a non-contrasting white Limo!  Your pictures will also have a lot less glare-back with the darker background.
Just ask a Professional Photographer about that.

"We have Luxury Executive Sedans, Stretch Limos, Executive and Stretch SUVS, Shuttle Vans & Buses. Our Large Shuttle Vans are for larger Groups at more economical prices. They are very comfortable, with full cloth seating, dark tinted windows and cd/cassette stereo systems. They will seat up to 14 passengers in climatic comfort with separate rear passenger air-cond/heat, fan speed controls and deflectors.  Any rows of seats can be removed to create more room for your belongings, luggage and coolers etc.
We even use our Limo Vans for large Weddings as a main Vehicle or as extra ones for Your Guests!
A 4'x8' open or a secure fully enclosed 5'x8' trailer are also available to add to our Limo Vans for larger loads of luggage or equipment that you may have to transport with you.
Our Executive Limo Sedans are "Cadillac Luxury" with all the plush features you would expect and are available at discount prices for the whole day if you like. There is plenty of room for 3-4 adults in these beautiful sedans.
You make the choice and we can arrange for any type of vehicle you require.
Our Limo and Shuttle Service is a more practical, comfortable way to travel by yourself or a more economical cost per/person with your family, group of guests, or co-workers.  

JUST A NOTE OF CAUTION - To anyone that may un-wittingly hire a transportation service that is operating illegally!

If another company is "
Too cheap to be true it probably is."
Please be aware of illegal "Gypsie Companies" with Limos or  Bus type vehicles that are not properly licensed or insured.
We have become aware that there are vehicles for hire in our area of operation that may only be registered for private use and have "No Business Plates" with proper collision and liability insurance coverage for commercial use. These vehicles are NOT inspected, LICENSED LIMOS OR MTB BUSES.  You and your guests or family will be at risk of not being covered with insurance for any injuries in a collision. If an MTB Inspector or Police see a suspicious vehicle that is "
Not Commercially Plated," they will pull you over for a spot check and if the vehicle is illegal, the Driver and Owner will be fined, the vehicle will be siezed by Police and YOU WILL BE WALKING to your destination.
Do you really need the hassle and embarrassment that this would bring to you and your guests? Not to mention the problem with then finding a legal operator to complete your trip, event or even a Wedding! 
It's much safer to pay for a licensed, properly insured and reputable "Registered Transportation Provider," who will have a "Legal Vehicle" with a professionally trained and properly licensed Driver to look after you.

It is also illegal to drink alcohol in any vehicle in Manitoba (including Limos & Buses) and the fines are steep at $220. per person that is in your group of which
you are responsible for.

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